Spelling - An Integrated Approach for Middle School

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Spelling--An Integrated Approach for Middle School is available in four levels (Level One, Two, Three, and Three Plus).  Level Three Plus contains a bit more challenging words making it perfect for 9th grade (or advanced 8th grade).

Each level contains 30 weeks of instruction (20 lessons and 10 skill practices) and follows a similar format, with each higher level containing slightly more difficult words being a bit more challenging.

Pricing is the same for all levels.

Student Workbooks  $3.35 each

  • A Note to Students
  • 20 Lessons
  • 10 Reviews
  • A Writing Reminders Page (helps students successfully complete each lesson)

Teacher Guides (any level) $18.50  Many new additions!!

  • A sturdy 3-ring binder with information explaining how to use the program
  • Sample of completed workbook page and dictation page w/grading suggestions
  • Contents page showing spelling rules and skills reviewed every week
  • Spelling dictation sentences AND multiple choice for those who want a 'quicker' assessment
  • Answers to all lessons and reviews
  • Alphabetized listing of all 160 words in the program
  • Suggested spelling activities and practice during the week
  • NEW!  A list of words & definitions for each lesson (just copy each week for students) 
  • NEW!  A pretest/posttest to show how your students improved throughout the year
  • NEW!  Data sheets for the pretest/posttest
  • NEW!  Analysis page students fill out on the previous lesson before beginning the new lesson
  • NEW!  Desk reminders for students to use while working on their spelling lesson
  • NEW!  Chart for student to fill out to see his/her progress each week
  • NEW!  Step by step directions showing students how to use the spelling program and succeed