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Possessives--it's either more than one or belongs to one.

More than one?  Just spell the word with an s.   The desks are dirty.

Belongs to one?  Now use the apostrophe and s.  The teacher's desks were dirty.

If you know one--you know them all!

Choose a word and have students dress it up differently.  Reinforce that knowing a word and every form of it builds vocabulary!


Knowing roots makes you a detective.

Mal--> faulty, bad, improper

malicious, malfunction, malnutrition   

Have students see how each word has a connection.


J. Gowen, English teacher/Dept. Chair

"The workbooks give students regular practice being more conscientious spellers, as well as giving them opportunities to be creative.  The workbooks require the students to read and follow directions meticulously.  The integrated grammar component is a great way to review basic conventions in writing.  Perhaps as important is the dictation piece which gives students valuable practice in listening (most state standards require teachers to teach and assess listening), as well as applying conventions in their writing."

D. Lewis, Middle School Consultant

"This spelling program TRULY is comprehensive integrating spelling words with specific targeted rules, a reference page defining 'Writing Reminders' with examples, and a culminating two-lesson review.  Students love it--it's fun, yet challenging and a meaningful  learning experience.  I highly recommend this program for middle school students!"

T. LaDue, 6th grade teacher

"I love the program!  It is very 'user friendly' and the spelling scores have sky rocketed."

J. Harraka, middle school teacher

"Spelling--An Integrated Approached for Middle School is an integral part of my language arts curriculum.  This program is unique whereas it incorporates valuable writing skills that are useful in all of students' academic subjects.  Students are finally in charge of their learning and are given the opportunity to create their own sentences.  It works!"

H. Mason, 6th grade teacher

"This program is organized so effectively, and my students are responding with great success.  The rules are very helpful and have saved me tons of time.  Thank you for such an innovative and helpful tool.  My students love to do spelling (finally!!)."

K. Koers, English

"One of the things I like best about this spelling program is all the grammar involved. It seems there is little time left to do much grammar work, and this program incorporates basic grammar skills right into each spelling lesson."

P. Mortley, 5th grade teacher

"I especially like the reinforcement and high expectation for students to work carefully and do their best."

M. Yip, 8th grade teacher

"I like it much better than the simple lists I used last year."