Spelling - An Integrated Approach for Middle School

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Highlights of the Program

I created Spelling--An Integrated Approach for Middle School believing more than a fill-in-the-blank format was needed from a spelling program.  There was no time to 'add' another subject, yet spelling had to be addressed. Knowing written work cannot be shared to its fullest without correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation, I created a spelling program that included these skills.  Each week's lesson has a spelling rule (helping students see there is a connection between spelling and phonics/spelling rules), provides writing practice, and reinforces proper grammar and punctuation, all while students practice writing their spelling words.
  • The program integrates each weekly spelling lesson with reading, writing, and grammar. 
  • Students create their own sentences.  By following the simple directions for each type of sentence to be written, students' sentences are always varied and interesting. 
  • The page on the back of students' booklets, Writing Reminders, promotes success by giving definitions and examples of the 25 writing skills students will be practicing throughout the year.  Students no longer say, "I didn't know how..." because Writing Reminders shows them. Sentences are correctly written including proper nouns, conjunctions, titles, possessives, interrupting words, dates, a/an, and many other writing challenges we often see. Students of all academic levels have had great success with this program's unique structure.  
  • Weekly lessons and the skill practice activities (every 3rd week) are geared toward students' academic levels and needs.
  • Spelling dictation is provided for each review (every 3rd lesson) for teachers who prefer more than just a weekly word test.  A multiple choice is also included for students who have special needs or for a quicker assessment for all students.
  • This program is offered in three levels to accommodate different grades and abilities.
  • There are 160 specially selected words in each level: teacher recommended from core and enrichment classes (more than 50%), frequently misspelled, commonly used, and words with common prefixes/roots.  The word selection in the yearly program is one of the features that makes this spelling program meaningful to students and teachers.  The word lists in all three levels of Spelling--An Integrated Approach were chosen because they are commonly used in speaking, writing, and reading.
A pretest/posttest is included in the Teacher's Guide to show the yearly improvement.

Try the program for free.  Send me an email letting me know what level you'd like (One-Grade 6, Two- Grade 7, Three-Grade 8).  Print the lesson and give it a try!  Your students will love creating their own sentences (and I promise you'll learn more about them than you could have imagined)!

A new Level Three Plus is available.  This spelling is appropriate for 8th and/or 9th grade.   The format closely follows Level Three but with all new words and activities.

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