Spelling - An Integrated Approach for Middle School

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Sample Pages

Below are samples of lessons from the Level One student workbook.  (Levels One, Two, and Three are set up very much the same, however, with each higher level the words are a bit more challenging.)  Each week students practice their spelling words by creating different types of sentences.  They will write compound sentences, quotations, sentences with possessives, proper nouns, antonyms, synonyms, homonyms, action verbs, and much more. 

Students will need to read the one-line directions for each sentence carefully so they will write the correct kind of sentence.  You will notice that some words are in italics.  This is to "warn" students that something special is being asked.  If they are not sure what that word in italics means, they simple flip to the back of their spelling booklet to the page called Writing Reminders.  This page lists in alphabetical order all the skills, a definition for each, and some examples.  Now the students can go back and create their sentences with confidence!

Please note that these pages require the free Adobe Acrobat PDF viewer.  This viewer is generally installed on most computers/browsers but if you need it you can get it at http://acrobat.com/

The original copyright was 2000 (as you may see on the sample pages), however, the student workbooks and teacher guides were updated in 2010.  All  materials reflect that change.  Level Three Plus is my newest spelling book (copyright 2016) created for 9th grade (or advanced 8th grade students).  

Lesson 1 Sample

Here is a sample page from lesson 1. 

Lesson 2 Sample

Here is a sample page from lesson 2. 

Lesson 5 Sample

Here is a sample page from lesson 5.